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Ziro, the heritage city of Arunachal Pradesh
An overview of the town of Ziro
Ziro is an ancient town of Arunachal Pradesh. This UNESCO selected famous city is known for its ApaTani tribal culture and the beautiful paddy fields. From a long time the combination of nature and tribal cultures attracts travelers and philanthropists from different lands. The specialty of this tribal people is that they are quite unique in their look and nature than the common nomadic race. This beautiful city of Arunachal Pradesh falls under the monsoon climatic zone. Apart from offering an eye catching surrounding, this city is also known for its prestigious ancient architecture. Today when travelers step into this beautiful site they will get to see a wide range of things like wild life sanctuary, ancient building, the cultivation of rice, beautiful surroundings.

Places of Interest in Ziro

  • Namdapha National park-As per different records, this park is recorded as the largest park in the north eastern region of India. This park also enjoys the status of being the leading wildlife shelter. This 1,985 sq m area covered 200-4500m above located park is situated on the sensitive Indo Burma border area. By traveling this park, travelers come to see a wide range of collection in flora and fauna. The fascinating factor behind this wet tropical rain forest is that, it houses near about 150 lumber varieties. Along with finding this variety in timger5, travelers can also find out a large number of rare orchid collections.

Along with watching this variety of flora, the collection of fauna like Pig tailed macaque, stump tailed macaque, black bear, elephants, Indian bison, deer, snow leopard, clouded leopard, and tiger can be found here. If you are in love with the avifauna creatures, then the collections of Indian Hornbills, winged wood ducks, jungle fowls, Pheasants will catch your eyes. For having such a significant collection, this place is considered as one of the major eco tourism centre in Arunachal Pradesh. According to forest experts, the month of November to April, is the best time to explore this sanctuary.

    • Tarin Fish farm-This high altitude based farming location is famous for breeding different types of fish. In this location, travelers will find an interesting of breeding fish, along with rice. Here farmers use one section of the field to breed rice and the next for fish, Nghi. To view this unique cultivation system by using land and water draws tourists from different places.
    • Talley Valley Wildlife Sanctuary-This 337sqkm area covered wild life sanctuary is popular for offering large number of flora and fauna. The collection of the flora like Silver fern, fir trees, colorful orchids, bamboo, and rhododendron will attract your eyes. Apart from watching this gaudy variety of flora, the collection of several dying out fauna like clouded leopards can also find out in this biodiversity zone.
    • Shiva Linga-This 25ft tall and 22ft wide Shiva Linga of this city is known in the name of Siddheswar Nath temple. Following this name, this shrine is named after Siddheswar Nath Temple. By visiting this temple, travelers can view a continuous flow of water from the base. Along with the Shiva Linga, here one can see the beautifully carved idols of Goddess Parvati and Lord Ganesha.

Things to buy in Ziro
Tribal art- While travelling this city of Apa Tani tribe, do not miss a chance to purchase some rare art collections of the Apa Tani tribe from local shop.


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