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Cancer / Karka Rashi


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Cancer is the fourth sign of Zodiac, also called ‘Karka’ Rashi in the Sanskrit/ Hindi language. The Sanskrit/ Hindi word Karka means a crab. Cancer Zodiac sign extends from 90 to 120 degrees of the Zodiac. Jupiter at 5 degrees is exalted and Mars at 28 degrees is debilitated in Cancer.

The Nakshatras (Constellations or Stars) in Cancer sign are Punarvasu (0° to 3° 20´), Pushya (3° 20´ to 16°40´) and Ashlesha (16° 40´ to 30°00´). Punarvasu is ruled by Jupiter and its deity is Aditi. Pushya is ruled by Saturn and its deity is Brihaspati. Ashlesha is ruled by Mercury and its deities are Sarpas.

The symbol for cancer sign is a Crab. It is watery sign. It is a moveable, female and even sign. It represents north direction. It is ruled by the planet moon and radiates pink colour. Cancer is Phelgm Temperament, Brahmin caste, Nocturnal, Reptiles, Prishtodaya, Shining, Sattwik, Smooth appearance and long ascension.

According to Kalpurush chart, Cancer owns fourth Bhava of the horoscope and it represents Heart, breast, lungs, upper portion of stomach.

Cancerians have a strong nurturing instinct. Like the crab, Cancerians have a hard outer shell and a soft centre. Cancerians understand life through feelings, a characteristic of the water signs, and it can be difficult for them to understand something they cannot feel. They are naturally intuitive, able to sense the emotions of a group of people rapidly and adjust their response accordingly. Cancerians are patient, sympathetic and protective people. They are suited to careers that involve caring and compassion, such as child care, infant or primary school teaching, hotels, interior decorators, water businesses like shipping, perfumes, etc.

Cancerians possess deep memories, especially for emotional hurts. Home and family are important to these people. Cancerians are emotionally inclined towards their loved ones and need to curb their tendency to worry about family and friends. These people are highly intuitive, particularly through their dreams at night. They can be moody, especially when they feel insecure, and logic doesn’t help them feel better. The sign of Cancer rules the stomach, the digestive system, the heart and the lymph glands. A slow lymphatic system is characteristic of Cancerians. These people tend to do over thinking. Often crippled by fear of failure, they fail to seize the moment and succeed with their plans. Cancerians need to be emotionally and mentally very strong. Cancerians need to decide through a combination of feeling and thought, and then to achieve their plans despite fears and obstacles. They should not be rationale in life..
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