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Capricorn/Makar Rashi


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Capricorn, also called ‘Makar’ Rashi in the Sanskrit/ Hindi language, is the tenth sign of the Zodiac. The Sanskrit/ Hindi word ‘Makar’ means a crocodile. Capricorn sign symbol shows a crocodile with the face of a goat.

Capricorn Zodiac sign extends from 270 to 300 degrees of the Zodiac. Mars is exalted at 28 degrees and Jupiter at 5 degrees is debilitated in Capricorn.

The Nakshatras (Constellations or Stars) in Capricorn sign are Uttarashadha (0° to 10° 00´), Sravana (10° 00´ to 23°20´) and Dhanishta (23° 20´ to 30°00`). Uttarashadha is ruled by Sun and its deities are Vishvadevas. Shravana is ruled by Moon and its deity is Vishnu. Dhanishta is ruled by Mars and its deities are Eight Vasus.

Capricorn is a moveable and earthy sign. It is even and female sign. It rules South direction. It is ruled by planet Saturn and it radiates various colours. Capricorn is Windy temperament, Vaishyas caste, Quadruped (front portion of goat) and Watery (latter half of crocodile), Nocturnal, Prishtodaya, Lusterless, Tamasik, Rough appearance and long ascension.

According to Kalpurush chart, Capricorn owns Tenth Bhava of the horoscope and it represents back and knees.

Capricorns are the most serious sign of the zodiac. Capricorns are practical, determined, hard working and responsible, and they are ready to face any kind of challenge to achieve their goal. Even young natives of this sign seem to be old souls in young bodies. Capricorns are well suited to careers that involve administrations and organizing others by implementing structure, like law, politics, accountancy, etc.  They are much disciplined personally and professionally. Capricorns prefer their own company than social gatherings. Capricorns tend to start life as old person and start living as young person in the latter half of their life. Capricorns are long term planners. They often possess dry and understated sense of humour. Capricorns may have bone and teeth problems. Capricorns need to remain beware of their narrow mindedness. They should seek motivation if de-motivated at right time. They should take life less seriously and more lightly and should feel relaxed and positive from time to time..
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