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Aries, also called ‘Mesha’ Rashi in the Sanskrit/ Hindi language, is the first sign of Zodiac. The Sanskrit/ Hindi word Mesha means a sheep.

Aries Zodiac sign extends from 0 to 30 degrees of the Zodiac. Sun at 10 dregrees is exalted and Saturn at 20 degrees is debilitated in Aries. The Nakshatras (Constellations or Stars) in Aries sign are Ashwini (0° to 13° 20´), Bharani (13° 20´ to 26°40´) and Krittika (26° 40´ to 30°). Ashwini is ruled by Ketu and its Deities are Ashwins. Bharani is ruled by Venus and its deity is Yama. Krittika is ruled by Sun and its deity is Agni.

Aries is a moveable sign. It is fiery in nature. It is odd and male sign. Owned by planet Mars, it rules East direction. It radiates red colour and is of bilious temperament. Aries is Shirshodaya in nature, Nocturnal, Kshatriya caste, Tamasik, rough appearance, Quadruped, and of Short Ascension.

According to Kalpurush chart, Aries occupies the first Bhava of the horoscope. Aries represents head according to Kalpurush chart.

Since Aries is a fiery sign, persons of this sign are motivated by goals and challenges, but due to belonging to a moveable sign, they tend to lose interest or run out of energy before the goal is reached or the project is completed. In general terms, the fire signs are not the most diplomatic types in the zodiac, preferring to be honest rather than tactful. They are best suited to situations, where energy and enthusiasm are required, as they have these qualities in abundance.

Arians are courageous, independent, restless and eager to attain highest in every field.  In mythology, Mars was the God of war, and Arians can display some of the Mars’s war-like qualities when required.

They are quick to start new projects, but can become impatient, if the planning takes too long. They need to develop patience with those who prefer a steadier, more moderate approach, for their enthusiasm can be interpreted as bossiness by others. Arians depict goal-oriented careers like sportspeople and salespeople, and outdoor careers such as farmers, travel guide, explorers, military, surgical medicine, etc. While Aries zodiac sign indicates the place of jewels, metals, fire and minerals underneath. They respond positively to challenges in the workplace.

Arians tend to suffer from headaches or problems related to head. As they usually love the outdoor exercise, they often enjoy good blood circulation. Sometimes, Arians can be self-centred, loud, forceful, unkind and aggressive. They can become so passionate about an idea or goal that they will trample over others in order to achieve their goals. They refuse to listen to others or acknowledge others that might hurt others. Arians must match their energies with self discipline and understanding the environment to lead a blessed life.

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