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Panchang Yog

Tithi or Lunar Day

What is yoga?

Literal meaning of the word ‘Yoga’ is addition; and Nithya Yoga is derived from addition of sun and moon position in Zodiac and these specify some characteristic of the persona. There are 27 ‘Yogas’, and this is the reason that their length is 13 degrees and 20 Minutes each, just like Nakshatras.

27 Yogas are given below:

1. Vishakumbha
Triumphant - (achievements over others, victorious over enemies, gets the property, wealthy)

2. Preeti:
Happy- (well liked, fascinated to the opposite gender, enjoys life with serenity.)

3. Aayushman:
well-rooted-(good well-being and long life, enthusiastic.)

4. Saubhagya:
Good Wealth-(enjoys a contented life full of prospects, happy)

5. Shobhana
Beautiful-(radiant body and behavior sensualist, passionate with sex.)

6. Atiganda:
Danger-(problematic life due to many difficulties and accidents; unforgiving and annoyed)

7. Sukarma:
Plentiful-(performs honorable activities, generous and benevolent, prosperous.)

8. Dhriti:
Enjoyment-(enjoys the prosperity, goods and life-partners of others; pampers in the friendliness of others.)

9. Shoola:
Argumentative-(argumentative and conflicting, argumentative, angry.)

10. Ganda:
Worrying-(imperfect ethics or principles, worrying personality)

11. Vriddhi:
Perspicacity-(intellectual, unscrupulous and discriminating; life constantly progresses with age.)

12. Dhruva:
Persistent, Dependable-(stable personality, able to focus and persevere, rich)

13. Vyaghaata:
Violent-(unkind, determined by hurting others)

14. Harshana:
Pleasure, Blissful-(intellectual, pleasures in cheerfulness and funniness.)

15. Vajra:
Power Burst-(wealthy, lascivious, changeable, forceful.)

16. Siddhi:
Victory-(clever and talented in several areas; defender and follower of others.)

17. Vyatipaata:
Difficulty-(inclined to unexpected mishaps and setbacks, fickle and untrustworthy.)

18. Variyaana:
luxurious comfort-(loves comfort and amenity, lazy, lascivious.)

19. Parigha:
Hindrance-(encounters many problems to develop in life; short-tempered and interfering.)

20. Shiva:
Benevolent-(pleased by seniors and government, calm, learned and spiritual, wealthy)

21. Siddha:
Talented-(helpful personality, pleasing nature, interest in customary and holiness)

22. Saaddhya:
Mediation-(well conduct yourself, accomplished manners and politeness.)

23. Shubha:
Favorable-(lustrous body and character, but difficulties with health; well-off, short-tempered.)

24. Shukla:
Bright focus-(talkative and unreliable, annoyed and thoughtless; tottering and changeable mind)

25. Brahma:
Responsible-(truthful and stable, ambitious, good perspicacity and judgment.)

26. Indra:
Headship-(curiosity in training and knowledge; obliging, well off.)

27. Vaidhriti:
Divisive-(dangerous, conniving nature; influential and irresistible mentally or physically.)

As one can see, the result of Yogas are in accordance to the name given to them. Vaidhriti and Vyatipaat Yogas are to be avoided in all auspicious acts. Out of remaining Yogas, first three Ghatis of Vajra and Vishkumbha, first half of Parigh, first five ghatis of Shool, first nine ghatis of Vyaghat, and first nine ghatis of Gand and Atigand are to be discarded for all the auspicious acts. A Ghati is ancient time measurement, equivalent to modern 24 Minutes.

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