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Purushottam Adhik Maas Puja Yagya

Purushottam Maas or Adhik Maas is an extra month in the Hindu calendar that is inserted to keep the lunar and solar calendars aligned. Purushottam is an epithet of Vishnu, to whom the month is dedicated. The position of Adhik Maas amongst the other months is variable, re-occurring about every 32.5 months.’.


SatyanarayanaPuja – 20 July, 2023 (Thursday), 27 July, 2023 (Thursday), 3 August 2023 (Thursday), 10 August 2023 (Thursday)
Vishnu Sahastra Naam Puja Any Day in Adhik Maas
Adhik Purushottam Maas Vishnu Puja 18 July to 16 August, 2023
Adhik Mas Vishnu Puja and Yagya – 18 July to 16 August, 2023
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