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Leo/Simha Rashi


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Leo, also called ‘Simha’ Rashi in the Sanskrit/ Hindi language, is the fifth sign of Zodiac. The Sanskrit/ Hindi word Simha means a lion.

Leo Zodiac sign extends from 120 to 150 degrees of the Zodiac. The Nakshatras (Constellations or Stars) in Leo sign are Magha (0° to 13° 20´), Purva Phalguni (13° 20´ to 26°40´) and Uttara Phalguni (26° 40´ to 30°00´). Magha is ruled by Ketu and its deities are Pitars. Purva Phalguni is ruled by Venus and its deity is Bhaga. Uttara Phalguni is ruled by Sun and its deity is Aryaman.

Leo sign is fixed in nature. It is fiery, odd and male sign. It represents east direction and is ruled by Sun. It radiates Off White colour. Leo sign is Bilious temperament, Kshatriyas caste, Diurnal, Quadruped, Shirshodaya, Lusterless, Sattwik, Rough appearance and medium ascension.

According to Kalpurush chart, Leo owns Fifth Bhava of the horoscope and it represents stomach below the chest and above the naval.

Leo is symbolized by the Lion. Leo people are born to rule. Like the king of the jungle, they are natural and capable leaders. They are bright, honest, courageous, outspoken, understand others needs and feelings. They work whole-heartedly. Leos take life as a great adventure. They take risks and win hearts and heads all around. They are naturally energetic, flamboyant and sometimes tactless, showing elements of a fire sign. As a fixed type, Leos are determined and persistent. With the natural corner for socialising, they like to be the centre of attention. The heart is a main area of concern to the Leo, as is the spine. As their bodies are quite flexible, they can sometimes suffer from back problems. Leos usually complain about fevers. Leos can achieve great success, as they have an inborn vitality and confidence to live life..
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