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Scorpio / Vrishchik Rashi


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Scorpio, also called ‘Vrishchik’ Rashi in the Sanskrit/ Hindi language, is the eight sign of Zodiac. The Sanskrit/ Hindi word Vrishchik means a scorpion.

Scorpio Zodiac sign extends from 210 to 240 degrees of the Zodiac. Moon at 3 degrees is debilitated in Scorpio.

The Nakshatras (Constellations or Stars) in Scorpio sign are Vishakha (0° to 3° 20´), Anuradha (3° 20´ to 16°40´) and Jyestha (16° 40´ to 30°00´). Vishakha  is ruled by Jupiter and its deity is Indra. Anuradha is ruled by Saturn and its deity is Mitra. Jyestha is ruled by Mercury and its deity is Indra.

The symbol for Scorpio sign is a scorpion. It is watery sign. It is a fixed, female and even sign. It represents north direction. It is ruled by the planet Mars and radiates saffron colour. Scorpio sign is Phlegm Temperament, Brahmin caste, Diurnal, Keeta, Shirshodaya, Shining, Tamasik, Smooth appearance and medium ascension.

According to Kalpurush chart, Scorpio owns Eighth Bhava of the horoscope and it represents reproductive organs of human body.

Scorpion natives are blessed with tremendous strength and this strength helps them to turn the tables. They can reconstruct any situation from negative to positive and vice versa. Scorpions are dynamic, intelligent, inspiring, strong headed and energetic. As scorpio is a fixed watery sign, they can feel stressful from time to time without any major reason. They are not able to cope up with their own emotions and feelings. Scorpions tend to be very secretive of all signs. These natives never forget anything whether good or bad. Scorpions don’t make friends easily. These natives are deeply passionate and loyal to their friends and family. Scorpions have a strong sense of intuition and are good at investigating things. They can be good secret agents, detectives, excellent spies, psychologists, etc. Scorpions need to watch out their words and actions, as their own sting can harm themselves or the environment. Scorpions need to learn how to forgive and leave the past, so as to have a better present and future for everyone around..
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