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Planetary Yagya

Planetary Yagya is popularly called ‘Graha Kripa Yagya’ as well as ‘Graha Shanti Yagya’. When a Planetary Yagya is performed for getting blessings from Grahas, it is called ‘Graha Kripa Yagya’; and when this Yagya is organised to pacify malefic Grahas, by propitiating the Grahas, Planetary Yagya is called Graha Shanti Yagya’.

Since, this way or that way, a Planetary Yagya is performed for Blessings from Grahas, in general it is called Yagya for blessings of Grahas or sometimes also as  Graha blessings Yagya.

Which Graha is to be worshipped for its blessing, and which Graha is to be pacified in this Yagya; is decided by our panel of astrologers, after studying your Vedic Horoscope, based on your birth details, or after studying the events surrounding your life.

Here we want to clarify that the word ‘Graha’ is loosely translated as a planet, but this is not the same, as Sun is a star, not planet, Moon is a satellite, not a planet; and Rahu & Ketu are only sensitive points, again not planets; but all these are invariably categorised as ‘Grahas’.

As per Indian thought pattern, there are nine Planets, also called NavGrahas in ancient language Sanskrit, Planetary Yagyas are also sometimes called as Navagraha Puja Yagya, or also sometimes as Navagraha Yagya Puja.

Here we want to clarify two things; first, it is not necessary, although it is sometimes recommended, that all the nine planets are to be worshipped in Planetary Yagya, depending on the specific combinations in your horoscope, only one or two planets may be worshipped in the ‘Graha Kripa Yagya’ or ‘Graha Shanti Yagya’, recommended for you; and second, a Planetary Yagya is much more authentic, elaborate, effective and systematic, if compared to normal Navagraha Puja or Graha Pooja.


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