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Special Purpose Yagya

These Yagyas are specially designed by Acharya Kalki Krishnan to counteract specific problems or to achieve specific objective of the person sponsoring the Yagya. This is the reason that these Yagyas are popularly called as Yagyas for specific problem as well as Yagyas for specific purpose. When Special Purpose Yagya is organized to eliminate some particular problem of an individual, it is called Yagyas for specific problem; and when it is performed to some particular aim, it is called Yagyas for specific purpose. Due to peculiar reason of these Yagyas, they are also called Yagya by choice.
Combining specific Planetary Yagyas and Divine Yagyas, as per specific need of the client, Special Purpose Yagya, has become very popular among our patrons and called by them as Rama Ban (Arrow of Lord Rama-Literal meaning sure shot).
Since, constituents of these Yagyas are finalized with the full support of our dedicated team of astrologers, it is alos called Yagya by Astrologers. Before performance of these Yagyas,  dedicated research team of  ‘’® , under the overall supervision of Acharya Kalki Krishnan, chooses most effective Mantras from ancient Vedic as well as Shabar scriptures and incorporates these Mantras with other Yagya methodology in a very effective manner, to give you the best results.

Astro Vedic Yagya team of has designed following special purpose Yagyas, based on the most common requirements of our patrons. However, in case of any other requirement, not figuring in the following list of Special Purpose Yagya, Yagya team devises unique Yagya, to address that particular Yagya.

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